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Roof lining where it meets top of rear door, see photo 1 has come adrift
and will not stay in place.

It appears to be kept in place simply by the rubber seal surround, no glue fixing.

Before I remedy this with an inch bead of contact adhesive, is there any reason why I should have to remove roof lining say to get at anything.

You'll also notice in photo 1 the wiring harness middle of hatch.

In photo 2 this harness protector pushes into the hole and is kept in place
by a white plastic clip see photo 3.

Photo 3, one of the lugs on this clip has snapped allowing the protector to come loose and I'm concerned the wire inside might fray or snag.

Getting hold of a clip shouldn't present a problem but I wouldn't
be able to get it on for obvious reasons unless I sawed through one side of clip
and ever so gently manoeuvre it around the cable but it would probably snap.

Any ideas anyone as to how I can keep this protector in place without the clip.


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Common complaint.
Glue it back up, use the bead of sealer, that will come off again if you pull it, which is best way.
With the clip, I'd personally glue that back in with some sealer too, again will be flexiable enough should you need to pull it out again.
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