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Rodent Damage on wiring harness, warranty question

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Hello -- on our 2016 Sorrento SX, I recently had the CEL (check engine light) come on, so I got out my ODB2 reader and scanned the codes.

I replaced the O2 sensor which was indicated as bad, cleared the codes, but it threw the same code immediately.

About the same time, the hatch actuator failed, so I took it to my local KIA dealer service department.

They, too replaced the sensor with the same results. Upon further inspection, they discovered rodent damage to the wiring harness, and they sent me a photo of literally 2 damaged and one interrupted wire.

Of course, it's damage, not a MFG defect, so not covered under warranty, which I understand. I haven't gotten the quote for repair yet, but expect it to be $$$$$ as he suggested we try to get our auto insurance to pay for it.

I mentioned that I could easily repair that damage, and the service tech claimed that a DIY repair on the wiring harness would void the vehicle warranty as being "modified."

Is this true?
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My opinion is it depends. It could potentially void parts of it and certain repairs under warranty could be an uphill battle if, they want to be jerks about it. But they can't void the entire vehicle warranty. It would have to be somehow possibly linked to the wiring issue.

I don't see how the could say if your rear diff broke or your car rusted out for example it wouldn't be covered but it could be dicey for anything related to electrical issues (say your engine blows and they may claim it was something weird wih the ECU). Maybe talk with corporate KIA?

Hopefully it work out with insurance but how high would your deductible be?
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