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2008 Kia Rio 1.4
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Hey Guys, I just flushed out my 2008 Kia Rio 5spd manual 1.4l transmission today. Just thought I'd share some insight in some do's and dont's when doing a transmission flush.

Items Needed needed:

Castrol VXM-M 75W-85 GL-4
2L minimum - $46 AUD (4L) (Called Dealership, this is the recommended one)

10,12,19,23mm Socket
Breaker Bar
Extention Attachment

Manual Pump for oil. (Do not try funnel and tubing... air will block it and create a huge mess)


  1. Jack car up for room to remove drain plug(optional)
  2. Remove battery cables (10mm)
  3. Remove battery from tray (10-12mm)
  4. Remove battery tray. 5 Bolts (10-12mm)
  5. Disconnect diagnostic port by pulling up on the "tyco" handle.
  6. Disconnect intake hose from air intake
  7. Remove intake box. One bolt on right side of box, one bolt behind box. Unhook from lower air intake.
  8. Remove clutch fluid line bolt.
  9. Remove 19mm large black bolt next to clutch fluid line bolt. This is the transmission filler port.
  10. Remove the 23mm bolt on bottom of transmission (large, black bolt) underneath car. Position oil catch.
  11. Lower car to normal height so that all of oil can drain.
  12. Install 23mm lower transmission bolt back on.
  13. Using hand pump, measure and squirt 1.9L of new MTF fluid back into the top 19mm bolt hole.
  14. Install 19mm filler bolt.
  15. Attach air cleaner and hook up diagnostic port.
  16. Attach battery tray back on.
  17. Clamp batter in place.
  18. Attach battery leads.
  19. Attach air intake hose.
  20. Complete! Go for a test drive.

Images for reference attached.


The first time I did this, it took me about 2 hours to learn. I did this a second time and it took me 30 minutes start to finish with nothing prepared. Now my transmission shifts super smooth and no more notchy feel.


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does it have to be manual trans specific? I just replaced the Clutch in my manual rio5 and have to replace the transmission fluid as well ( since i lost most of it) most all the fluids i find are for automatics

Kia Rio 1,5 CRDI 2008
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Dear friend. I think you exaggerate ith the oill pump. Because gearboxes have vents.
I have relaced the oil lately and simply poured it with the aid of the plastic pipe pulled form the can lid. No problems found.
And I think you should upload photos showing where are the plugs: drain, control and fill.
I had to remove the air filter and battery to have access to the filling hole.
I have taken a few photos. You may use them and mark the plugs.
Fill plug.jpg | mantom | Fotki, Zdj?cia, Obrazki
Drain plug.jpg | mantom | Fotki, Zdj?cia, Obrazki
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