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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and have my first Kia for about a week now. It's a Rio from 2005.

It came without a stereo and I want to build one in myself. As a matter of fact I've already bought one. The thing is, it seems to be missing some kind of plates to be able to mount the radio's bracket on.

I made a photo of it. It seems to be just a hole, I can't mount the bracket anywhere.

Now I went to a car parts shop in the neighborhood and they said I needed this thing, so I ordered one. Something tells me even that isn't enough.

I'm completely new to this, is there anyone able to point me in a better direction? :)

EDIT: I just found this. Seems like that's just what I need. Can anyone clarify for me? ^_^
Might be that the extra stuff, like the mount points are included with the package they advised to me but it isn't shown.

Many thanks in advance!
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