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Hello everyone, and happy friday!

I am looking into purchasing a replacement steering wheel for my 2009 Kia Borrego. It is on eBay -- I can't post links yet, please search for "OEM Genuine Parts Heated Steering Wheel Diy Kit for KIA 2009-2012 Borrego/Mohave." I want to have a heated steering wheel, which will come in handy in the frigid IL/WI/MI winters here in the US, and the additional phone controls for hands-free bluetooth operation.

The other reason to replace the steering wheel is that I am going to purchase a Kenwood DDX9702SSKU to replace the ancient OEM head unit, and this is where my questions begin.

Since the replacement steering wheel has the additional phone buttons, and I would think that the included clock spring also has the appropriate connectors for those features;

1) would any of you know of a link to the clock spring wiring harness diagramme?

2) would any of you know which wiring harness would I need to connect from the steering wheel clock spring connectors to the iDataLink connector on the Kenwood unit? I’ll need an iDataLink harness to be able to use the steering wheel controls.

I bought the shop repair manuals and has most of the wiring and connector specs, however, I couldn’t find any information on connection types/diagrammes regarding the clock spring. There’s only a hint of information in the wiring diagrammes section (Fig. 84: Radio Circuit, Premium (1 of 3)). I’ve also searched online but can’t seem to find much.


Thanks all for taking time to read and reply.

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