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I had a slight bit of 'looseness' in the rear end of the Sedona. It felt like shocks. There was a very slight jiggle and a little clunking over bumps. So, I ordered up 2 OSC shocks and MOOG Problem Solver End Links from Rock Auto ($111.00 CAD shipping included). I wasn't sure I needed links, but at $14.00 a pop, I figured I pony up - just in case. I also scored a 1/2" Mastercraft 7.5A Impact gun from Canadaian Tire (on sale at $59.99 CAD down from $179.00). Great tool! It makes jobs that I would normally have to do at the school with air tools do-able in my driveway.

The job went well except for the driver's side upper shock bolt refusing to come out. Removing the shock bracket and lower shock nuts were no match for the impact gun. The impact driver was incapable of turning the upper shock bolt though it got the nut off with ease. After many soakings with penetrating fluid and heavy blows with big hammer, it started to move ever so slowly. I finally got it out preserving the threads. I used the nut to help pound on the bolt. The passenger side upper shock bolt came out with a few taps.

Installing the sway bar end links was a bit of trial and error. I tried this job with one side of the van raised at a time as I didn't have a hoist for this job. I jacked up with the van's scissor jack and then used a couple of jack stands. Raising the van from one side at a time while installing the shocks naturally caused the sway bar to flex so installing the end links was not easy. I did jack under the control arm knuckle and I was getting closer. What ultimately worked was to install the end links with the van's rear on ramps (level suspension).

I think the OEM end links are still fine, so I will be keeping those. I may wire brush them off and spray a little paint on them and stock them with my other Kia parts. The shocks definitely needed replacing (about 164000 km on the van). The ride is now much smoother and quiet. No pics this time unfortunately.
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