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2008 Kia Rondo EXV6
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I just bought a 2008 Kia Rondo EXV6 and really love it so far. I want to replace the console tray. It's the small rectangular plastic tray in the center console just below the dashboard with the front-most cigarette lighter / accessory power included (not the one underneath the armrest). The power outlet is corroded and the tray scratched up, so I'd like to replace them. Can someone let me know in detail how to remove and replace it?

I've looked at exploded views and it seems like first, you remove the cup holder on top of the center console, then the tray lifts out from the top. But, exactly how do you remove the cup holder and the tray? Are they simply clipped in? If so, where, and how do you remove them? I don't want to end up destroying the cup holder, the rest of the console, or anything else in the process.

Oh, and I've already been to KGIS (kiatechinfo). Maybe I missed something, but there was no info on the console tray and very little on removing the cup holder. The diagram is close, but not exactly the same and has very little detail. Instructions for removing the cup holder (actually called the "console under cover") consist of only the unhelpful: "remove under cover" and nothing more. The dealer was less than helpful as well.

If anyone has done this or can offer some advice i'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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