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Pls advise if anybody has knowledge to particularly remove the SEDONA 2007 roof crossbar

I don't know, but am interested in case I run across a set...

Q: Do you currently have roof crossbars on your SEDONA 2007?

Q: What do the "experts" at your local Kia /Hyundai dealer say?

Sedona was manufactured from 2006 thru 2012 and most likely the roof bars are the same, or based upon the same design. Additionally I would think the design was/is used across the Kia/Hyundai product lines..

(If I was to guess... you move the bar to a certain position and the lock down mechanism goes over center and releases the bar.)

EDIT: I looked at my rails (I do not have the cross bars)... I see no special place the rail would need to be moved to... like a cutout section crosbar would have to be moved to before it could be removed.

* Please post back a follow up post when you do find out how they come off.
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