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2004 Sorento
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I have an A/C problem on my 2004. I tested pressure at the Lo side port and it was at zero (compressor wouldn't come on). I charged it with some 134 with a dye additive, and looked at the system under the hood with a UV light and couldn't find the leak there (compressor working). I then looked under the dash by the evap and could hear the leak.

So, I want to get to the evaporator to inspect it for the leak. I have a feeling the dash needs to come out to get to it, and was hoping I could get some play-by-play on what needs to be removed (ex; radio, side floor panels, center console where shifter is?...etc) Just kinda looking for what I need to remove to get the dash off enough to get to the evap.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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