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Please explain how I can make and use a remote starter switch for an '07 Optima 2.4. I need to know how to access the relay circuit for remote starting.
jim :)

.... (few days later) LOL.... I figured out how to do it - but thanx anyway! :D

07 Optima 2.4L
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Remote Start

I recently installed the Factory Remote Start system, relating my experiences on 12-2-11 in the 3G Kia Optima forum, for those who might be interested.

Some of you might be looking to install the good-looking OEM-style in-dash push to start and stop button, available from Shark Racing for around $58, as well other cheaper products seen on eBay. This OEM style Engine Starter Button is available on many new Kia and Hyundai models, and they say it can be incorporated into any car, and will include the wiring connections for ease of installation, but do this at your own risk.

You will still need the key in the ignition without adding a remote start bypass, which is why I opted for the Kia Factory Remote Start and Security system package, which replaces your original remotes (but comes without the dash-installed button and the plethora of added functions like the DEI Viper brands with their LED screens and power window, locks and sunroof controllers..)

Installation on this button will involve finding and connecting 7 under-dash wires to the starter button. After installing the button anywhere in the interior of the car or dash, just put the key in your ignition switch, turn the key to the ON position and press the button to start the car. There is another version with a full relay box, but investigate first if this is really what you think you want.

They indicate wiring should be done as follows. Print out a a wiring diagram and use a voltage tester probe to find the following wires and splice the wires from the button to the car.

Red wire - Key switch ON (IG1)
Yellow wire - Key switch ON (IG1)
Green - Parking lights (not headlights)
Blue - Ground wire
Purple - Ground wire
Gray - ACC power
White - Start
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