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I have a 1997 kia Sportage that has remote locking / immobiliser.

Unfortunately the car came to me with only one two button remote - and thats dodgy !!

I have tried local auto electricians who tell me that the Kia remote can't be cloned and have told me that I must go through Kia for a new remote.

Local kia dealers are charging - wait for it!

£39 per remote (I want two) and £35 labour to programme them - the guy told me that was for 30 mins labour - their minimum charge.

However he went on to say he would have to charge the £35 twice as I was having two remotes !!! - TOTAL RIP OFF

The bill would be £148 + vat

Q - Is it possible to clone these remotes - if so who does it OR can the immobiliser etc be bypassed :(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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