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2012 Kia Rio5 LX mtx
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Got an email from Kia a while ago:

"Thank you for registering in the Kia Fuel Economy Ratings Adjustment program and completing your initial claim for reimbursement. As you know, you will be compensated for the total miles your vehicle is driven during your ownership period at intervals of your choosing.

We are pleased to announce that the process for you to make subsequent requests for reimbursement is now available. Please follow these simple steps to request another reimbursement:

1.Log back onto the website,, to:
a. View your previous payment received;
b. Verify your current address; and
c. Request another reimbursement by using the calculator to determine your next estimated reimbursement, based upon the information you provide (similar to the process used to generate your first payment).

2. If you are a current Kia vehicle owner, you will then need to visit your preferred Kia dealership to have your ownership and current mileage verified (it does NOT have to be the same dealer who originally verified your mileage). If you no longer own the Kia vehicle, please visit the FAQ section of the website and follow the process outlined in the section entitled "What if I've sold an affected vehicle?" to apply to receive your final reimbursement.

3.Your dealership will notify Kia of your current mileage and we expect you will then receive compensation in the form of a debit card within 15 business days.

4.You will be able to repeat this process for subsequent reimbursements."

Same ol' song & dance...

*Yeah...I'm fixing to do another 2500+ miles in like three weeks...I'll wait & save up for another $192. I should have that by my two-year anniversary. :)
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