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Recent Canadian delivery times

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Can anyone report back what and where their delivery times have been in Canada? Currently waiting for an SX model in Blue.
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Did anybody received the car recently... I ordered in June and expected delivery is 2023 aug
How about the deposits? If we change our mind will we get back our deposit amount or do we need to wait till it get delivered
You will get your deposit back. My dealer basically said what sloop john said. They have the order in with Kia. They will get the car. They will sell it the very second it arrives if you don't want it. I'm looking at other options such as our first choice of the Nissan Pathfinder. We only looked at the PHEV because of the EV aspect and potential fuel savings...
Exactly... Needed for 6+seats.. Preferred Sorrento only because of phev.. But waiting time is testing the patience
Which location?
Anyone checked with your dealers?
Ordered a 2022 Sorento sx on March 12th.Got an message today that the car will be delivered to the dealer next week.
That's fast.... Which location....
You got the vehicle in 3 months?
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