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Recent Canadian delivery times

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Can anyone report back what and where their delivery times have been in Canada? Currently waiting for an SX model in Blue.
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I ordered a Sorento PHEV for my wife in October of last year. After many delays etc Was told last week that it would be sometime in 2023 now. Price would definitely be higher and interest rate will be much much higher. My dealer told me that Kia now has cut Sorento delivery to only 1900 for all of Canada. So many people will be waiting probably a year or more past their estimated delivery time.
We canceled our order. Kia is definitely really really behind on production and has no end in sight of fixing their timelines.
Sad that you had to cancel but totally understandable ...
How about the deposits? If we change our mind will we get back our deposit amount or do we need to wait till it get delivered
I can add - at least here in the lower 48, most dealers (not 100% though) will gladly return your full deposit because they will have your car on order snapped up faster than a NY minute.
Or it’s just some random deadline and they have no idea what the supply will look like.
You got it!
What does ICE stand for? For curiosity.
Internal Combustion Engine
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1 - 5 of 128 Posts