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Recent Canadian delivery times

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Can anyone report back what and where their delivery times have been in Canada? Currently waiting for an SX model in Blue.
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I ordered the Sorento PHEV in November 2021, but from the looks of it I might not get it until November 2022 LOL. a whole years wait...

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April 2022 - Latest Delivery Schedule from Redditor u/RexRaider (Dealer)

*All Green Highlight is the anticipated production date. There will be a 2 - 3 month wait for the car to arrive after production.

This applies only to Canada - not sure if the schedules have been impacted in the US.
Looks like the Sorento ex+ PHEV I ordered in Nov 2021 is really going to be about a year before I receive it but much more info here than from my local dealer and I do thank you for that. I wonder how it works since they gave me a trade-in value back in Nov on paper??? anyone else with this scenerio?
I was looking at the option of the Toyota Prime but it apparently has 1 to 1.5 year wait time and the dealer told me a couple of months on the PHEV Sorento. I guess too good to be true. lol
I highly doubt it but I wish this offer was retroactive. We got our PHEV in December.
when did you actually order it if you received it in Dec?
The last check-in I did with the dealer was very recent and I was told nothing at all. I ordered Nov 2021
I did check in again with my dealer and they sent me back the info that they received from the western regional coordinator and she said and I quote "VIN assignment for a Sorento PHEV ordered in November 2021 should anticipate VIN assignment in Q1 2023"
Still patiently waiting on my EX+ PHEV that was ordered Nov 2021. The first thing they said when I ordered it was 1-3 months. Last thing that they said was first quarter of 2023.
That's good to hear and glad to hear you're enjoying the car.

I checked with our dealer a couple of weeks ago and they said we're #8 on the list (Sorento PHEV EX+). We're almost exactly a year from order date so I'm praying our car is on a boat over here or close to it.
With regards my ex+ that we ordered Nov 2021 my dealer tells me, and I copied this from the email from 2 weeks ago
"Regarding the PHEV, you are now next in line for Gravity Grey, 3rd in line for Graphite and 4th in line for Blue"

I asked the next in line where? and he tells me western Canada.
Ughhh..this is getting depressing. I was hoping for a shiny new car just in time for summer road trips now I'm losing hope.
Well I heard today they might have something on the way but now that the price went up and my trade went way down.
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