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Recent Canadian delivery times

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Can anyone report back what and where their delivery times have been in Canada? Currently waiting for an SX model in Blue.
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I placed an order in early January for a Sorento PHEV EX, I was initially told about 6 month delivery time. I just got confirmation from my Dealer in the Montreal (Qc) area that at the moment the estimate time to start building the car is in January 2023, with a delivery around March.
No update. Ordered in January, was initially told June, and when I asked them again in april for an update it was now not before march 2023. No update since then and wouldn't be surprise it will be sometimes in summer 2023.

I'm actually thinking about cancelling... as I'm sure the price will go up and the rebate from the Quebec Governement is lower than when I ordered.. so in the end the monthly price for the car will probably be more than $100 extra per month. I'll buyback what's left of my current lease, Subaru Crosstrek, and wait until the market is better..
The whole market is messed up. Interest rates are up. I'm sure the 2023 model will cost more. If you're in Canada, you can apparently get the Kia Soul EV sooner as they're not sold in USA. But, in my opinion...yuck...
Exact. When I ordered, the price I got was $568 per month on a 5 year lease (including taxes and Qc Government rebate), they were giving me $8500 for my Subaru Crosstrek Limited that is on a 4 year lease ending december. One of the reason I wanted the Sorento is because I wanted something with more cargo space than my crosstrek, so Kia Soul isn't an interesting pick for me ;)
How about the deposits? If we change our mind will we get back our deposit amount or do we need to wait till it get delivered
You should be able to have your answer there :

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