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Hello, I purchased a 2001 Rio with 80K this summer and was very happy with it. Also glad since the gas prices have skyrocketed.

Anyway, I got to the country house every weekend in summer. It’s about 1 1/2 hours from my home in the city.
One particular weekend I noticed a slight grinding sound coming from the back.
Well the brakes were fine so I dug deeper and it was the wheel bearing on the driver side.
One of the rollers was completely gone!
Needless to say I check the other side and found this one was about to go too! Again, one of the rollers was pitted bad but not gone yet and also this side wasn’t making noise at all.

The inner bearings were great but these outer ones seem to be lacking grease or water gets in there and must was it out.

I changed them all. Why take the chance in a wheel locking up on the highway for a 5 to 7 dollar bearing at the local Car Quest.

Changed them all and packed the **** out of them with grease.

Thought this could be helpful B4 someone has a bad experience.

P.S. I had to get a lift and drive 30 minutes away to find an auto parts store near my country house. Thank heaven they had the parts in stock.

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