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This is a copy of the e-mail I just sent to KIA Canada:

Over all I have been very satisfied with my 2007 Sportage but there is one issue that I find disturbing. This is the rear wheel alignment issue.

I just took my Sportage in for a SGI inspection and was told that my rear wheel alignment was way out. A had to ask myself: why hadn't my KIA dealer notified me on one of the many 8000 km checks that the rear wheel alignment should be checked every year. Could it be that KIA doesn't like to honor their warranty:

"Adjustment coverage is offered on all Kia vehicles for one year or 12,000 miles. This covers service adjustments that may be needed during the first year of ownership, including wheel alignment, wheel balancing, the adjustment of cables, levers, belts and pedals and engine adjustments."

I'm quite sure that many if not most four wheel drive KIAs would need some adjustment of the rear wheel alignment before this one year 12,000 mile warranty has expired.

That KIA dealers are not mentioning this rear wheel alignment issue borders on the criminal. I wonder just how many KIA owners have had to replace tires unnecessarily because KIA is reticent to mention this issue because it doesn't want to honor it's warranty.

I will definitely think twice or thrice before buying another KIA product.

Notifying owners of four wheel drive KIAs of this rear wheel alignment issue should be standard practice. Not only because of potential tire wear but because of safety.


Larry Rowe


To say that I'm disappointed is putting it lightly.

KIAs policy of ignoring the issue of the rear wheel alignment of their four wheel drive vehicles is unethical.
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