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2003 Kia Sedona EX
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Anyone ever had to replace the exterior handle and/or have any tips how to do it?

Not finding much info on the web for this specific vehicle. The hatch door is closed and latched shut. Power lock works so it's not locked. The exterior handle is just very old and worn out, it broke off the rod(s) inside so there's now no way to open that door. I do already have a new handle to put in (Dorman). There's 2 bolts from the outside of vehicle near the plate lamps, I assume hold that whole plastic trim panel on. Those are rusted and I can't get any kind of wrench to grab them, not even damaged bolt extractor sockets.

Trying now to see about access from inside the van. It seems as if the door has to be opened first to even remove the plastic door panel. Doesn't seem there's any kind of emergency release mechanism either. Heard that removing the interior light should give access to the rod(s) that connect to the handle so I can manually open it up. Is this correct?

Any other tricks to getting this done?

Any tips or tricks for removing those stupid plastic screws that they use for holding the plastic panels in place too? I always end up having to pry them out and then get new ones.

Thanks much!
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