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OK, some time ago I noticed a that the rear heater pipes were quite badly corroded in the middle and back sections of pipe so bypassed the rear heater with copper pipe and short lengths of heater hose under the van where the pipes cut accross to the drivers side of the car (just at the side of the exhaust). This has been fine for the past year.

Last weekend I was investigating a blowing exhaust and noticed that the pipes are now wet on the front section. It looks as though they are leaking where the pipes bend upwards to go toward the bulk head (maybe further up, not sure as it difficult to see up there).

Is there a way to completely isolate the whole of the pipes somewhere inside the engine bay? I can see where they both join to the rest of the steel pipe work behind the engine on drivers side, but cant figure out a way to replumb the cooling system as its quite busy down there and cant trace the rest of the pipes. Has any one bypassed the rear pipes this far up? All the posts i can find mention bypassing under the van, but none in the engine bay.

Thanks in advance guys.
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