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I have a Kia Sorento 2007 Diesel 2.5 litre. Recently the Instrument Light/Daytime Running Light/Tail Light was not functioning properly. (sometime on and sometime off) I suspect it was due to malfunction of the Instrument Light Rheostat (ILR) (ie Daytime Running Light Module) as I have experienced when the instrument light was off and I knocked the panel cover it was on again.

Yesterday I had asked the workshop mechanic to check on it. He said the problem was not due to the Instrument Light Rheostat. If not, is there any other electronic relay installed ? If yes, where is this relay located.

Now, the Mechanic made a bypass (from this ILR to the fuse box) with a switch so that I can switch on the DRL and the tail light at night.

Anyone has any ideas please help.

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