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Hi all first post on this site for me, I have a 2000 Sephia, it has had the CEL on since I have got it (about a month ago) but has been running OK up till now.

It did have a bit of a rough idle before, however in the past couple days it has begun to loose power randomly at multiple different speeds/gears and in different situations (accelerating or constant speed). When this happens the vehicle can no longer maintain highway speed but does not die completely.

This morning I got a P0171 - "System too lean", I found that the rubber intake hose was split and could suck air after the MAF sensor... Got a replacement this aft, cleared codes (pulled batt cable), then went for a test drive. Car was perfect for 23miles of a 25 mile drive at highway speed, then started to do the loss of power thing again. Still no CEL yet, OBD reader shows emissions status as "yellow" but no DTCs or Freeze Frame data stored. The intake hose seems to of really helped the idle though, so at least some good so far :) Any ideas of where to start looking now?

Sorry for the long post, just want to give an accurate description of the problem.
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