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Well the radiator fan went out in my 02, got 80k on the motor now. Took it to a local shop where i live because when i took it to the dealer all they could come up with was that the O2 sensor was bad. Cause of over heating problem?.... I dont think so. So i took it in for a second opinion.
Right a way tech there tells me, that my fan is laying against my radiator and aint working. no problem just fix it right?
Well Kia has a back order on these fans of 200 or so in San Bernadino county alone. Did Kia know the fan was out when i took it to the, and they just didnt want to deal with it. Well if theres a way for me to bill them i will, because kia SUCKS.

Russ P.
Running Springs
[email protected]
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