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Questions About My 97 Kia Sephia

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I have some questions about my 97 Kia sephia. When I got the car, everytime I would turn on the cd player with the headlights, the clock light would flicker badly. I think the headlights flicker alittle too when the cd player is on. Anyway to fix this? Also how in the heck do I take out the stock cd player, cause it sucks bad. And does anyone know where I can find some euro taillights or body kits/mods for this car. I am interested in sprucing it up alittle. thanks
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i have the same exact car & the same exact problem as you! :haha:
your battery might be going bad, you should probly replace it. also there are power inverters you can get to minimize this fluctuation of power in your vehicle cause trust me, when you get a new head unit in there, itll be worse. mine got very bad when i put my new head unit & speakers in, turned out i just needed a new battery but its still flickers a bit, especially with the headlights on. i think im gonna get one of those PIs when i put that 1000 watt amp im getting in there ;)

oh btw, replacing the headunit yourself it pretty easy, esecially if it comes with a wire holster that fits. if not, i think you can buy one. if you get the existing one off, & it doesnt come naturally to you, well i suggest you take it to circut city or something & have them install it :haha: its not something you wanna try & guess at, but basicly all you have to do is match the colored wires :D have fun!
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