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two 96 Kia Sephias, 1987 Subaru Hatchback,2004 Dodge SRT-4,2004 Dodge Neon,2004 Ford F-150,1986 Ford
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I have a 1996 kia sephia, last summer I got into an accident and totaled the passenger side front end, but the engine was still in good condition along with the manual tranny. So I transferred the engine and tranny to another 1996 kia sephia that had the same engine but with an automatic tranny. So I replaced it with a manual tranny and made it into a manual ride. I switched over the ecm and all the parts that needed to be switched over.
My question is do I have to switch the transaxle module too? Car is running good, but the only thing thats been weird is that it surges abit, but when I move the TPS to the left it seems to cut down on the surge and run better. Has anyone had the same procedures or scenerio as I have?
I have checked everything on this car like vacuum leaks, changed the whole intake manifold, new plugs and wirings, retimed, checked the timing belt and no skip,etc. Any suggestions?
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