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2-2000 1-2006ALL SPORTAGES also 96 dodge van to transport dogs and 84 gmc snow plow.
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Welcome / price seems a little high not knowing the condition of the body / top / and maintenance of the vehicle .that's your call .

As for the hubs/manual locking hubs are the way to go,about 150 dollars a pair. Change over is ez about 20 minutes for both.

As for the top removal not having one i don't know, maybe you can some feed back from other members.

Also living in snow country, i know what a pain it can be , again top condition is important.

At 75000 miles check an see if the timing belt was changed.
Their are some quirts with these buggies but there are many members on this forum that are willing to help.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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