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2012 Kia Sportage LX (Black Cherry w/ Nav), 2009 Mini Cooper
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I'm not sure if I should be posting this elsewhere. I am relatively new here. I joined once I started contemplating a sportage to see what actual owners thought of the vehicle and what issues they might have had.

Got this Kia to replace my 2008 Scion xb that was totaled 2 months ago when someone ran a red light and hit me. I've spent countless hours searching online and even went to some dealer auctions but never managed to find what I was looking for.

Fortunately, today I managed to not only find one I liked, but buy it as well. It's a 2012 Sportage LX (Black Cherry with the stock Nav system). I would have preferred an EX model but just couldn't find any that were black with black interior like I wanted. The navigation was also something I wanted badly but would have managed without.

It is a used vehicle, but luckily it only has 9,500 miles on it. So practically new. For those looking to compare prices or see what they should be paying (as I did in the past few months), the car was originally priced at $22,900, recently lowered to $21,900. And managed to get all of the fees and tags for $21,700. (sadly that doesn't include tax yet). Was kinda shocked that the dealer couldn't come down on the price anymore. Tried to lower it by bringing up the lack of depreciation on the price compared to a brand new one, the fact that they advertised power seats, heated seats and a power lift gate (which were obviously not the case when looking at the pictures). Still he wouldn't budge.

Unfortunately, I wasn't even there to buy the car. It was in Charleston, SC and I'm in Bowling Green, KY so I had my parents drive a few hours to Charleston to make the deal. Now I just need to find a way down to pick up my car.

Here is a picture of it that the dealer had up from the listing. First thing I plan on doing is tinting the front driver and passenger windows, and putting in HID low beam bulbs (I took them out of my old car after the wreck and believe that they will fit in the Sportage, if not I'll get some new ones). Possibly fog lights as well if they aren't too difficult to install on my own (luckily my father-in-law owns a car dealer, so access to tools and pneumatic lifts is easy). Might also look into getting the interior lighting kit as well, but not sure yet. My wife's Mini Cooper has interior lighting and we really like it in her car.

I know it looks like every other Sportage and a significant portion of threads are new people coming to say that they bought one, and I'm sorry about that, I'm just too excited to finally get one and be able to join in this forum as an owner.

Curious as to the best way to get a duplicate key? The car only came with one of the flip key fobs. I searched the forum earlier but couldn't find much besides going to a dealer and spending $160.
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