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Hello! smart people !!!
I am the owner of a charcoal gray AMANTI (leather, no TCS or ESP, no sunroof perfect!!) I bought it 2 months ago for my wife, because I knew what was best for her, she wanted a Nissan ARMADA... I SAID NO JAPANESE SOULLESS CAR!! I don't like any.. any Japanese vehicle, now she loves it, the only issue I have is the 15.5 MPG city driving is any one else having this same MPG our there is somthing wrong with fuel sistem, and before anyone ask's my wife drive's like if there is an egg behind the accelerator pedal.

By the way I used to work for LG I made a mistake of leaving the company for a "better" one...IF anyone knows what working for a elite korean company is, will understand what Ianm talking about.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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