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Monster...the Kia service people may be correct on the after market alarms and the problems they may cause. I live in the US in the state of Connecticut and I know of two people that have had aftermarket alarms put into their Sorento's and have caused major electrical problems including no engine starts or the vehicle dying on them as they drove. I was about to purchase an after market alarm with remote start at one of the eectronic box stores but at the last minute the sales person said "Oh a Kia Sorento better go to the dealer for that". My service manager has told me that he has has many Sorentos and Sedona's come in with the alarms and starters creating problems and he cannot honor any warranty work as they are not Kia parts or installed by Kia service. For the model year 05 Kia did introduce a accessoy of an alarm and starter made just for the Sorento and Sedonna. My service manager thinks its because the two vehicles have a rear lift gate and the Sorento has a power opener for the rear hatch window that may interfere with the after market setups. This Kia set up is a plug and play no cutting of wires just connects to one of the CPUs on board and slices into several connectors. I had demo done at the dealer about a month ago and I was thinking of getting one soon. I would see about getting one for your's.
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