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'I have an 05 Kia Optima with the V6 engine. The car is great but a problem has come up in the last few months.

The car starts fine ANY other time but after I fill up at the gas station the car does not want to start. Immediately after fueling the car turns over fine but just doesn't want to pop and start. When it does finally start I have to keep the gas on and keep revving the car at high RPMs or the car will die. To get the car to move I have to keep one foot on the brake and rev the engine with the other as I put the car into gear and quickly let the brake off. Once the car is moving I have no problems -- I can turn the car off a minute later and the car will start with no problems.

It cranks fine so I assume the starter and battery are not the problem. I have a new air filter and have recently had the fuel injectors cleaned. My guess is the fuel filter or the fuel pump but am looking for verification or other possibilities before I get my hands dirty.

Thanks for your help.


I copied & pasted the above from a previous thread since I have having the same issue with my 2004 Magentis. Does anyone know what is going on?

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