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Pro cannot program new fob 2007 Sorento

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My only remaining fob does not unlock my car, but the other buttons still work. I went to a local guy that specializes in keys and fobs (a parts guy at the local dealership told me he's the guy they call when they have trouble programming keys and fobs themselves) and he was unable to program a new fob for me. FCC id was correct, etc.
He tried several times, jacked into my data port with a pad-type computer made for this programming.
Anyone else run into an "impossible to program new fob" issue like this? Any tips or tricks to try?
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It is probably not the programming.

Do the doors lock/unlock from the interior buttons?
Do the doors lock from the FOB?
(You say all other buttons work - definitely?)
Do the doors lock/unlock by the key? (Try that with at least a window open :) )
Yes to all. What's wrong is the little metal switch on the fob circuit board broke off.
So unlock does not work but everything else does
You bought a brand new transmitter form Kia?
Otherwise I would have told you the problem was probably with the ICM relay module - which has separate relays for lock/unlock.
You bought a brand new transmitter form Kia?
Brand new one from the local specialist that Kia goes to for their problem cases like this
And this 'specialist' can't program his own remote? Kia dealers are not supposed to go outside for things like this. They have to buy the specialist gear to be called a dealer. I wonder if this guy thinks it's the same as programming a pre-facelift (which it isn't). Pretty much anyone can do a pre-facelift fob. Kia deliberately made it a dealer only function post-facelift.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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