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Power Steering Hose removal 2010 Soul 2.0

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How in the living hell do you get the lines disconnected from the rack?! I can't even fit a 3" ratchet with a crows foot in there. I'm trying to replace both of them while I'm in there as the high pressure has been throwing fluid in volume and idk if there's any other leaks as well given the amount of leakage. Can't find any videos but it looks likes I'll have to remove some giant plate under the car or somehow access it from the right hand side over the exhaust. I don't know enough about the structural workings here to just tear into it so I'm here. I know I can cut and remove it with a socket maybe but how to I tighten it back? I can't find any videos or any answered threads on this. I just need a definitive " do this" and some diagrams for reference so I know I'm not taking anything off that's gonna be damaged. 230k.
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Ok I guess I should restate: I understand I need to drop the subframe a bit to access it. What I need is what bolts to remove and what torque specs fo retighten. Thanks to anyone that can lend a diagram!
In case anyone is wondering I solved it:
Disconnect steering wheel linkage from rack linkage inside cab under steering wheel. 2 bolts on the back side of sub frame, 2 nuts on bolts near strut assembly, 1 lower motor mount bolt w/nut. Put jack under sub frame after putting front end on jack stands. Loosen bolts and nuts after sub frame is supported. After nuts and bolts removed, slowly lower sub frame until you can access power steering lone from driver side wheel well. There's also mounting hardware at 2 points on the high pressure line. Retighten all frame bolts/nuts to 130ft/lbs. If I forgot to mention any steps anyone please feel free to drop! Thanks and hope this helps!
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