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Possibly Purchasing 2017 Sorento SXL AWD

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Hello everybody, I'm looking to purchase a 2017 Sorento SXL AWD this weekend. It has 47k miles and looks like it's in great shape. It's a one owner and was owned by one of the managers at the actual Kia dealership.

After researching an hour or two here in the forums, I'm worried about the rear coupler. I took it for a test drive today, but didn't notice any sounds. How can I get this checked before I purchase? I don't want to purchase and then run into a bunch of issues that could have been avoided.

Also, is there anything else anybody could recommend me looking at on this vehicle before I purchase? It's a horrible time to buy a car, but my Optima was totaled in September and we need to replace.

Thanks in advance!
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It typical shows up pulling away from lights or stop sign making a left or right turn. Clunking or thumping sound as well as vibration. You can also go into an empty lot. Do a couple of circle 8's, on and off the gas in the turns, note this is not done fast. The issue appears when there is power to the wheels as in mild acceleration or pedal on pushing you through.

You should have come across this if you really searched for it. Plenty of threads about it.
Thank you for the info! I definitely did read plenty of threads on the issue, that's why I brought it up again, with MY specific situation.

So with that being said, say I do hear issues coming from there...would anybody advise on what to do next? Could I ask them to fix it prior to purchase? Should I purchase the extended warranty and fix through the warranty? Or should I stay away?

Like I stated earlier, I took it for a drive and didn't notice. But, apparently folks are having the issue without even realizing it...and they own the car. So I'm worried I might not notice because it's new to me, I have nothing to gauge.

Anyways, thanks again!
Schedule a time to take it to a mechanic and get a pre-purchase inspection, that'll probably be most reassuring.

And if it helps, the coupler in 2016+ models has seemed like it'll continue to be reasonably stout. (earlier versions failed but they updated the part) Mine has stood up to going in circles in snow, sand driving, etc. And being a clutch I'm sure it'll wear out eventually but you probably will be fine. Granted, I have the weaker engine sending less power through that coupler.
I was thinking about going this route, now I definitely will take it for an inspection. Thanks for the info, I feel better about it now. I was up until 3am reading...talking myself out of buying it😄
Just make sure you read up on the various stripped head bolts threads on here, since it's a V6. I'd want to know if there are any records at Kia of it having any warranty work done on it for that.

Good luck!

Nothing in the Carfax in regards to any service other than the standard routine maintenance. I will read up on the head bolts, thanks for the heads up!
That's between you and the dealer but ultimately the question boils down to "buy or don't buy"

You can ask them to fix it, either they'll say yes or no. Maybe they'll let you walk, fix it and sell it to someone else in a month. It might still be under the 5-year/60k mile factory powertrain warranty still - which they shouldn't have an issue with, but it's probably right up on the line if not over. (10 year/100k is for the original buyer only)

Purchasing a warranty may be sketchy if you discover a problem as it will be a preexisting condition and they probably have fine print banning that. and also one could say it's fraud. But any warranty may cost more than the price of just replacing it. (I wouldn't bother with this)

You could ask for a discount, you could ask for a $5 Chipotle gift card to be thrown in, whether they agree or not, you decide what you're willing to pay, they decide what they're willing to sell at.

Got a Subaru Outback inspected a couple years ago, drove nicely to the mechanic but it had a headgasket, cam carrier leak, stuck fuel gauge, etc. Dealer refused to discount it more than $1000 (roughly) so I walked, the sales guy said they'll send it to auction, but who knows what happened to it.

What I would not do is buy it first and ask them to fix it after if the promise was not already in writing.

I mean if you don't like it, you don't like the car. A lot easier to get rid of an imaginary car than an actual one. Compare with what the alternatives are. I didn't buy my Sorento because it was the best car out there, just that it fit my requirements (at the time) best. It's good your researching, but at the end of the day you only have so much information and while you can identify likely trouble spots, it doesn't mean any given car can't have a bizarre unheard-of problem.
Awesome, great advice all around. I do like the vehicle, I'm probably just going overboard because of bad past experiences buying used. Thank you!
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