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Possibly Purchasing 2017 Sorento SXL AWD

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Hello everybody, I'm looking to purchase a 2017 Sorento SXL AWD this weekend. It has 47k miles and looks like it's in great shape. It's a one owner and was owned by one of the managers at the actual Kia dealership.

After researching an hour or two here in the forums, I'm worried about the rear coupler. I took it for a test drive today, but didn't notice any sounds. How can I get this checked before I purchase? I don't want to purchase and then run into a bunch of issues that could have been avoided.

Also, is there anything else anybody could recommend me looking at on this vehicle before I purchase? It's a horrible time to buy a car, but my Optima was totaled in September and we need to replace.

Thanks in advance!
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It typical shows up pulling away from lights or stop sign making a left or right turn. Clunking or thumping sound as well as vibration. You can also go into an empty lot. Do a couple of circle 8's, on and off the gas in the turns, note this is not done fast. The issue appears when there is power to the wheels as in mild acceleration or pedal on pushing you through.

You should have come across this if you really searched for it. Plenty of threads about it.
I can say that my current Sorento will be the last Hyundai/Kia product I will ever own. I'm hoping to get 5 more years out of it, then will look for a CRV or Rav 4. I had a 2011 Sorento that I put 300k on with really no big issues. Unfortunately the quality of my 16 is not to the level of what the 11 was. The more I read posts on this forum, the more I regret buying another one.
Thede maybe some bad years. 2016 was the transition year for Sorento generation. IMO Toyota's are no better and worst in many ways. There are plenty of owner with all sorts of problems. I am on the Highlander forum, as a former owner I still read there. Even in my HL at 120k the AC compressor quit the enter system needed to be gutted and replaced. Only the lines with reused. Many SUV's are going to CVT trannies. I wouldn't have one again. Tried one and no way again. Their warranties are a lot lower hence extended warranty is a must on a Toyota to purchase.

PS: A good dealer is key. I believe I found one in Bowmanville! A 1.5hr drive though.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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