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2001 Kia Sportage 2WD 4Cyl
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Noticed my MPG dropped from 17 or 18 MPG to 14 or so.
Also noticed the smell from my engine started getting much more noticeable (maybe it's because i put the heat on full blast when i'm on the way to practice at 4:30AM.. :rolleyes:)

In any case, if anybody remembers, I have some smoke/smog/exhaust whatever it is, leaking out of the heat shield, seems to be exhausting through the oxygen sensor hole- so I'm not sure if it's the oxygen sensor or something else.

In addition, wiring is always way hot after drive, almost seems like it's about to burn up.
Possible exhaust leak is burning the wiring up?


This has happened ever since my overheating episode...
I have new spark plugs but my father and I have don't seem to find time to be able to install the new Bosch spark plugs- and rather not replace things we don't know if broken or not.

Finally, I don't think plugs have been changed since..ever? Or at least since I got the car.
Bad, I know- so where do I start?

No engine codes..yet

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Hi Rawfuls,

Suspect a partially blocked pre-Cat, if the motor/wiring is getting as hot as you state,

*Provision for the possibility of replacing the primary O2 sensor,

*Fully inspect the Exhaust manifold for cracks, which may necessitate (removing) the manifold from the motor for inspection,

*Recommend returning the Bosch plugs and purchasing a set of NGK platinum plugs: the taper on the NGK plugs is better suited to the 2.0 Sporty motor..

*If you find any oil in the spark plug wells when doing the plug change, perform checks / tests of the Ignition coils, coil resistors, wires.. Any wear or cracking at the coil connector lead - replace it.

*If you find any oil, replace the valve cover gasket..

**Checking above sooner than later is highly recommended: make some time to check before a minor issue becomes a major repair..

Hope this helps,
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