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Hi everyone,

I no longer own a Picanto, so this will be my last post in the forum. I just wanted to leave you all with some positive news, though: your Picanto will do you justice if it's involved in a crash.

My wife crashed our (2005) Picanto at the beginning of the year; she slid off the road in snow and hit a tree (even with studded winter tyres). The car was written off, but my wife got out of the car with nothing more than two bruised knees and a bruised ego. So in my opinion the car did it's job properly and the passenger got out unscathed. So, don't believe everything you read about cheap (or Korean) cars - any car that lets the passengers out of it after a crash is a good car.

All the best!

EDIT: the car had done 132,000Km. I was hoping to have seen at least 150,000Km but it wasn't to be.
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