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P200A error code - VCM replace and ECM upgrade?

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Got a P200A error code on my 2011 Sportage (2WD, 2.4L). Local non-Kia mechanic saw that a vacuum hose had a small tear; replaced hose; all seemed ok. But Chk Eng light came back on, with same error code.

They pulled a service bulletin from All, which states that: a. the error code stays in memory; and b. the VCM has to be replaced, along with an ECM upgrade (ECM must be reprogrammed). As much as they wanted to do the work, they said they can't do the ECM upgrade; only a stealership can.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is there a workaround of some sort? Last thing I want to do is hand over my wallet and half my paycheck at a stealership. Thanks.
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Kiaguy......So, is crankcase 'pull-over' collecting in the intake manifolds to the point that it is creating air flow issues or actually sucking oil gunk? Do the runners change position (or open/close) to help increase or spread out the torque curve of the engine?
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