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P1326 code after reflash

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Need a little help 2012 Kia spoetagw 88122 miles and lucky no main issues had recall to reflash ecu done by dealer. drive it for two days and now get a p1326 code and car in limp mode. Call dealer and was told have car towed in. And been sitting in same spot 2 weeks now. No rental nothing any one else have this issue after reflash the ECU. CAR don’t burn a drop of oil nothing engine ran strong
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I have to get a safety recall notice on the ECU programming but did not go to the dealer yet. From what I read in the notice, it is to detect that there is a serious mechanical problem with the engine. So yes, if that triggers, it would mean that the engine is going to be seriously destroyed soon.

Then it's best to have the car go in limp mode and get it towed for repair than having the engine explode while driving and get stuck, dead, or permanently handicapped in an accident...

Please keep us notified of what the dealer or Kia says as a remedy.

Sure will just now it’s the waiting game with the dealership no rental not a word when I call for update I get there so many in front of me. Looks like they have a issue with the recall because I also went there and they had so many more with the same issue the Machanic inform me of the issue
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