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2008 Grand Carnival VQ 3.8
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Hi all,
Don't need help - this has already been fixed but putting the info out there to help others. Information included should help for most shift solenoid faults such as codes P0743, P0748, P0750, P0755, P0760, P0770.

Earlier this year the wife's VQ Grand Carnival (3.8,5sp auto) decided it wanted to be an arse......It would randomly buck and then lock out into 3rd gear (autos way of going limp home mode). I scanned the codes and came up with P0765 - shift solenoid D.
I searched the internet but did not find much that related to my issue - I thought I might have been onto something with the circuit board dry joints but it turned out that was an issue with a different transmission type to mine. I bit the bullet and payed for a manual off the web which worked out well as it had a decent section on the trans - the code was listed as :
Font Parallel Number Rectangle Symmetry

So Wiring checks was the first step, schematic of the wiring and pinouts of connectors shown below:
Slope Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel

PCM and output speed sensor:
Rectangle Font Parallel Drawing Engineering

Trans connector:
Gesture Font Parallel Circle Rectangle

The following can be used to fault find any of the solenoids:
  • Test between the PCM connector pin and Trans connector pin for you solenoid - should be good continuity ~1 ohm
  • Test between the Solenoid pin (connector on the top of transmission) and ground (checking for a short CCT) - this should be open CCT
  • Test between pin 5 or 6 (refer to diagram above) and your solenoid pin. Specification: Approximately 2.7-3.4 ohms [20°C (68°F)] **NOTE: I think all of the shift solenoids are the same part number - so resistance values will be the same.

In my case sometimes all of these measurements were good, but sometimes I got an open CCT testing through the solenoid.....Now my issue is - the car does not fit in the garage to enable me to close my roller door, so if I started the job I had to have it all back together again before the end of the day. I ordered a solenoid from Kia and when it arrived I pulled it apart.
Its not too hard a job, the solenoids are located at the front of the trans with 3 mounted on each side, after moving everything out of the way you can get the cover off. The OD solenoid is the top left on the pic below:
White Font Engineering Auto part Drawing

Right away I found the issue, the wire had broken off at the extremely poorly factory crimped connection - but the harness was so hard that it held in place so it was still touching and therefore operational some of the time.
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A new harness from Kia was around $400 from memory and the thing had to go back together - so I spliced some new wires in (using teflon M22759 aircraft grade wire to ensure) and replacing the connector with the best quality spade connectors I had on hand. The way it sits means it could rub on the cover so I then wrapped the wiring in spiral wrap to guard against rubbing through the insulation (not shown). So far it has held up for 3 months and I'm guessing it should do as a permanent repair that will see out the life of the car.
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Anyway hope this helps others out, as I would have appreciated this information when I was in the investigating phase of this issue.


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