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Bought my Kia 2002 SEV6 Optima new from dealer. Somewhere under 70,000
miles the transmission had problems , no fourth gear, hard shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Only getting 2nd and 3rd gear.

Learned about the sensor then and whether under recall or warranty it was repaired by dealer.

Now I have P0715 and am stuck in 2nd and hard shifting to 3rd.
When I switch to manual shifting still only get 2nd and 3rd, but the shift
to 3rd is not as hard.

Now the real confusing part of this:
I went to remove the existing sensor so I can order the new one and...
The white wire is cut, and about one inch of the white wire is missing from the harness.
There are two wires left connected to the sensor.
I do all my own maintenance and the only time this car has been in is for those recall warranty issues.

Can anyone say for sure that the solution under recall was to cut a wire ?

When I look at replacement transmission speed sensors they have 2 wire in the description.

I thought about re-connecting this wire also.

Looking for ideas . About to remove the sensor so I can match it with
a replacement at the parts store.

If it matters: Bought the car in North America, State of California.
In the US many vehicles are 49 state, the ones for California often being different.

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UPDATE - rodent chewing


The cut wire ?? Some added research makes us think a squirrel has
been crawling under our cars and may have chewed the wire on the sensor.

When I reconnected the sensor wire - it runs fine.

Extremely odd , but the transmission now works.
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