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2016 Kia Carens 2 1.7 crdi
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First post.
I have a 2016 kia carens 1.7 crdi.
It’s been a great car the last couple of years until this week. Went to drive off from the house and the accelerator would do nothing. No matter how hard I press it, it stays idling.
In fact, it’s idling at 1200.
Plugged in the tester and it’s coming back with P0653, P2138 and P0122.
Related to the throttle pedal position sensor.
I picked up a new sensor for £15 and it’s exactly the same.
I checked the throttle body and the motor is working fine and no damage to the plastic cogs.
the only way I can make the car work is to unplug the intake manifold runner motor.
It will then drive albeit limited to 3000rpm with reduced power.
It’s very frustrating but can’t think what could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
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