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2004 Kia Rio 5-speed A/C and P/S
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I searched everywhere for an answer to my P0101 and P0172 codes after putting a new engine in my '04 rio. This is what finally fixed it.

I had improperly installed the fuel injectors. There are 2 different slots for the injector keepers (little metal clips) on the fuel rail side. I used the slot effectively making the injector shorter and thus not seating correctly in the manifold. When I switched the keepers to the "longer" slot the car immediately ran smoother and I haven't had a code since.

While troubleshooting I replaced the O2 sensor twice, the MAF sensor twice, ran about 4 tanks of injector cleaner through the fuel, ALMOST replaced the computer (per the advice of the local kia dealership.. ha) and bought a code reader to clear the codes when they popped up so my wife could actually drive the car.

This might not solve the problem for everyone but if you've done anything to the injectors and you're getting fuel/air codes you should look there first.

Good Luck

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Thanks for "hanging in there" and also posting what you found....
I'm sure there will be others that WILL "bless" you for your post...
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