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Hi everyone, just wanted to share a fix that I was able to do recently on my 2014 Kia Rio.

For the past 3 months, I've had intermittent P0011/P0014 codes that showed when scanned with a code reader, but not as a CEL. About a week ago, these codes went from intermittent to permanent and the CEL came on.

This bulletin was a good starting point: Kia oil control valve inspection


The previous owner appears to have neglected oil changes, which led to sludge build up in the engine, and on the OCVs themselves, which are integral to the CVVT system. The sludge buildup on the OCVs appears to be the cause of the P0011/P0014 codes on my car.



Remove and inspect both OCVs. In my case intake and exhaust OCVs had similar buildup. If there's sludge buildup, carefully remove it without damaging the fine mesh screen present on the valve. Once this buildup was removed, the stored code cleared itself after a few driving trips that included highway driving, strong acceleration, etc.

You can also perform the the 12v and resistance tests detailed in the bulletin linked above to further troubleshoot these valves.

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A good example why I always question people on the service history when the post queries about those codes, and many of them incorrectly replace the cam sensor.
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