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I decided to join this forums because I figured there shouuld be a lot of people that know about the KIA cars and all that fun stuff. I'm a 20 year old college student who drives a **drum roll** 1995 KIA Sephia LS! I've had the car for almost three years now and I love it despite our minor differences!

The only thing wrong with my car so far is that it overheats and wants to stall all the time (it's a 5 speed by the way). I need to see if it's either the radiator or some sort of antifreeze thing going on. I'd hate to get rid of my car. I really think I'm the only person that I've seen with my car so I feel special haha.

One thing that DID happen is that my emblem was stolen. I had one of the 'rising sun' styled emblems (it's curvy on the top and says KIA). I've been trying to find the same emblem for a while now but only come up with the newer ones. It's frustrating! Poor car! Even on some of the other 95 Kias I've seen they have the newer emblems. I find this really odd.

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself! I really don't see anything wrong with KIA even though everybody puts them down. Hey, it's better than driving a riced out Honda everywhere!
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