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I got stuck in a traffic jam just after turning off the expressway, I heard a "gurgling" sound coming from the outside of the car, I thought it may have been someone elses hi-fi... next I saw some steam and immediately realised the engine was overheating and switched the engine off....

Luckily the car was travelling downhill and could coast running only on hazard warning lights and at the bottom of the hill, I was able to push the car around the corner to the petrol station without disrupting any traffic at all!

The Kia Radiator Fan has sheared off the bearings... if your car engine overheats, check that the radiator fan is turning properly AND please make sure you have enough coolant in your car (a spare bottle of water in the car boot is always useful!)

Prognosis... will probably need a complete new radiator fan (since when do dealers ever sell just the blades of a fan!) The car is waiting downstairs to be fixed...

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