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Hello. Ive got to replace tranny in a 01 Spectra (automatic). I've been trying to find out any/all other years/make/model that will work (lost everything in a big wildfire, so $$$ is extremely tight) so I can find one cheap or at nearby pull yourself salvage. I am hoping to find out whether the info I've found or been told so far, is correct AND if there are any other trannys I don't have listed that would fit.
Thank any & everyone for your time &assistance.

The Following Info Is Not Guaranteed Fact (I'm hoping someone here can tell me if it is correct)

Tranny: F4EAT F4A-EL

Trannys that will fit:
1991-00 escort
1991-99 tracer
1991-02 Kia (not sure what models)
1990-99 323/Protege
1991-96 mx3
2001-05 rio
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