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Sportage LX AWD 2014, Forte LX+ 2014
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Well, it's been just over 5 years since we got these 2 cars and now replaced factory installed tires on both within last month.
After some research and seeing the candidate tires in person and speaking with owners I selected General G-Max AS-05 for Forte in same size it came with - 205-55/16.
Sportage got Sumitomo Encounter HT in same size as factory tire - 215-70/16.

I'd like to say I'm very happy with both choices. New tires are so much better than Nexen CP671, that both cars came with, it's pleasure to drive and I find myself looking for reasons to drive a little extra distance now :D
If one is interested in reviews - Tirerack has a bunch for both tires thou I bought Generals from when they still had MIR last month, CAD$128 each to my door after s/h and MIR.
Sumis were bought on US Amazon delivered to US address where I picked them up. While seller and shipper was listed as Amazon the tires came with Simple Tire stickers and at very good price of US$78 each with free s/h.

Just wanna say it again - both sets are great tires so far.
We do have winter sets on steel wheels for both cars too.
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