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Kia Rio 1.4 Strike 5d 2010/59
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Hi All,

I currently have a Kia Rio Strike 2010, but I seem to have an issue with open vents on top of the dash, underneath the windowscreen. (Outlet ports 'A', screenshot taken from manual)


(Image of outlet ports according to manual. RJBA4027)

When travelling at 40mph+, wind/air enters the grill and comes up through the ports shown above ('A'), despite the Fan speed control knob being set to 0. It is also seems to be affected by the Temperature control knob. It will expell hot or cold air, but I can't seem to close the fans. It also creates a lot of wind noise inside the cabin which, I'm sure you can imagine, itsn't pleasent on a 2 hour motorway journey.

Is there a way to close these vents or stop the air coming through when the fan is set to 0? Any ideas, plese let me know.

Many thanks,

Jack B
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