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Hello, all, great information out there. I spent quite a bit of time searching and did not see this covered and I need some help. I have not called the dealer yet, but after reading several of the poststhreads, will tear into this oil seal replacement soon. Humphrey, nice pics and write up on the timing belt swap!
Anyway, after (2) overheats due to the rear heater tubes rotting off, we ended up with some oil leaks, I just finished VC gaskets, spark plugs and wires this weekend, the VC's were the main oil leak as they were heat hardened. NOTE: the round metalrubber "freeze plugs" do get replaced (4) As those were leaking also.
So now I have oil leak at the front timing cover area. The dealer says there is no seal in the plastic cover, so the only seal I see is the oil pump/crank seal.

The question is, has anyone done the seal replacement without removing the oil pump? i.e. If I have to remove the oil pump, I have to remove both oil pans and probably the exhaust Y pipe. Since we live in the rust belt (IL) I'll have to add a day extra in for drilling/tapping/ replacing the exhaust studs/bolts and gaskets.


Thank you in advance!
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