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Thanks to a member from another board (sorry, forgot your handle), I have been informed that there is a oil filter relocation kit available for the Sorento from Summit Racing. See link: Click here Or, go to and use the make/model search. Summit brand is 35 bucks, Perma Cool is 45. I was informed that there may be a problem with the threads on the Sorento are a bit long, so a spacer may need to be fashioned, or, the route I'll try taking will be to cut off the threads a bit then re-tap it.

I ordered the Perma Cool, 'cause the summit house brand was backordered. It's 10 bucks more - but I didn't want to wait!

IMO, the oil filter is way too small for an engine the size of the Sorento. My motorcycle filer is bigger! I wish I had changed this out long ago. Using a larger filter will help keep the oil cleaner for longer, plus a remote mount will give better access, and you'll get some cooling benefit. That is good if you do alot of stop and go driving, or a lot of slow crawling off road in high temps.
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